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Update - Dec 31, 2021

V. 3.0.59D81BFE

Test Automation

  • SBCC Admin Test Automation update

New features

  • Deleted players should be filtered out on all player statistics tabs

  • Mobile charts - turning diagrams on/off displays the chart

  • PWA: Absence update

  • Join a team with updated design

  • Bug Report and new feature proposal

  • Planned trainings

  • Expected Players

  • Expected Summary development (groups)


  • PWA: Calendar should start with sunday on both language

  • PWA: Ulterior update for Players is not allowed

  • PWA: Absence list - pictograms to appear in the email

  • Should be able to select later date than today on new pl.stats

  • Exported PDF file names update

  • Lobby page redesign, fix responsivity

  • Non localized tooltips on Admin pages - Add What's new, Add Release Notes

  • Players - Player type to be used in FW, DF, GK format

  • Keypoint update: with preselected texts to speedup the Keypoint preparation process

  • Mark as finished - disabled after click to avoid multi clicks

  • Player statistics - sRPE/Condition/Covid - Jersey és Group (FW, DF, GL)

  • Graduated rollback

  • Bulk Grade update

  • Player Statistics: Condition-, COVID-19 redesign

  • Position statistics redesign: sRPE Comparison

  • Intelligent filtering on: Condition, covid-19, Planned Trainings, Expected Players, Expected Player Summary


  • PWA: Japanese font family fix

  • PWA: Condition no value to be show

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