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Update - Jun 1, 2021

V. 3.0.260CABDF

New features

  • Storage of 5 drills on free plan

  • Absence list has been added to statistics

  • User dashboard for super admin had been developed to cover marketing purposes

  • Demo role/user (for mobile app) has been introduced to Try-for-Free users

  • Mailchimp integration on dedicated mail sending process

  • Try Free Demo user @PWA and drills in order to give overall tryout of the existing features for free

  • Free Drills packages have been added


  • Changed dashboard to team room

  • Changed EAP role to EAP/trainer

  • PWA absence list for schedules with no default lineup

  • EAP landing preparation and optimization process

  • Update match count logic

  • SBCC Landing contains a link to PWA for mobile users

  • It is allowed now the drill ordering by date, name

  • Drill management has now extra functionalities on sorting

  • Improvements and new icons for drill drawing

  • Improvements on drill search results for Plans

  • Subscription ID is now displayed on the Welcome dialog

  • More customization options when exporting your drills and plans

  • Improved GDPR compliance

  • Plans containing only quick notes can now be exported


  • Drill help description updated

  • PWA plan filter maximum size has been modified

  • Drill saving without name now is fixed

  • Fixed mobile drill sort

  • Fixed mobile drill search

  • Checking Playback (android) and updated the versioning

  • Updated the GooglePlay requirements

  • Fixed mobile app responsiveness

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