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  • Update - Feb 28, 2022

    V. 3.0.05289C15 Test Automation - SBCC Admin Test Automation update EAP - Manage Users admin - Manage users button does not appear on first load - default groups and email-password validation4 New Features - Notification to the team while events/ schedule created or modified - PWA: Different icons for activity types on mobile schedule - Schedule event editor Planned Lineup label - Show System categories on "All" tab on Drill list on Admin Improvements - Description updates and optimisations, JP translations - Addon dialogs new logic - Drill & Plan PDF modifications - Insert images (upload instead of just links) in Ckeditor on playbook page - Show longer title on the element list on Plan page - Show all drills (uncategorized too) by default on mobile Drills tab, and enable to select uncategorized and categories at the same time - iPad Mini optimisations Fixes - Remove last blank page from Playbook PDFs

  • Update - Dec 31, 2021

    V. 3.0.59D81BFE Test Automation SBCC Admin Test Automation update New features Deleted players should be filtered out on all player statistics tabs Mobile charts - turning diagrams on/off displays the chart PWA: Absence update Join a team with updated design Bug Report and new feature proposal Planned trainings Expected Players Expected Summary development (groups) Improvements PWA: Calendar should start with sunday on both language PWA: Ulterior update for Players is not allowed PWA: Absence list - pictograms to appear in the email Should be able to select later date than today on new pl.stats Exported PDF file names update Lobby page redesign, fix responsivity Non localized tooltips on Admin pages - Add What's new, Add Release Notes Players - Player type to be used in FW, DF, GK format Keypoint update: with preselected texts to speedup the Keypoint preparation process Mark as finished - disabled after click to avoid multi clicks Player statistics - sRPE/Condition/Covid - Jersey és Group (FW, DF, GL) Graduated rollback Bulk Grade update Player Statistics: Condition-, COVID-19 redesign Position statistics redesign: sRPE Comparison Intelligent filtering on: Condition, covid-19, Planned Trainings, Expected Players, Expected Player Summary Bugfixes PWA: Japanese font family fix PWA: Condition no value to be show

  • Update - Dec 3, 2021

    V. 3.0.5186C31E Test Automation SBCC Admin Test Automation update New features Multicolor Calendar based on Toyo's Calendar Add event by click on monthly calendar's day Admin Menu: Color and structure redesign based on Google's Design Improvements Edit schedule dialog - Event Type Schedule: Just every 5 minutes can be selected (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, ...) Click on Day to add an event Schedule: Let's show from-to on scheduled events Schedule: 24 hour based timing on calendar (schedule) Plan: Add Intensity and Skill to Note type of event Plan: Add switch to WYSIWYG editor possibility to notes sRPE field in event editor sRPE new requests, calculations and chart redesign with updated logic Bugfixes Bug: Jumping Underline on Drill_Plan_Schedule_Execute Optimization of users (control update)

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  • Support Center | Sunbears|サンベアーズ

    How can we help? Getting Started Before starting your Sunbears journey Explore more > Account Management Find answers or troubleshooting tips Find tips > Discover More More detailed guidance of Sunbears - FRESHLY updated. Get Browsing > Book Support call online Need further assistance with your Sunbears product? We're here to get you the help you need. ​ Simply pick a time and confirm the Zoom call booking in 5 seconds - for users of ANY plan .

  • Refund Policy | Sunbears|サンベアーズ

    Refund Policy Thank you for considering Sunbears. We provide Free Trial for all sports, so that you could easily evaluate our products before you make a purchase decision. The Trial period helps you evaluate the product to make sure that the software meets all your desired needs before you purchase an upgrade. ​ Please review our Refund Policy before purchasing Sunbears. Before Requesting For Refund How to submit my Refund Request? Getting a refund after the 14-day period (Annual Subscription) Payment of Refunds Canceling a Refund Late or missing refunds (if applicable) Account Status after cancellation If you're having any problems in regards to troubleshooting or further assistance while using Sunbears, please contact us and take advantage of our friendly, experienced online support. Our Sunbears support team will always be there to assist you, from account setting up, software/ functions walkthrough, to team customization. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have about our products and services. You can submit the refund request by simply entering “Cancel Subscription” under your Team Room. For monthly subscription , after submitting your cancellation at any point during your month, your account remains active until the end of your billing period. For annual subscription , customers can receive the full refunds if the cancellation request is submitted at any time within 14 days after the charge has been processed. After the 14-day period is over, refunds are offered only for customers that are experiencing an issue or bug with the app that cannot be fixed by our developers in less than two weeks. After your refund request is processed, a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, generally within 3-10 working days since your request has been approved. We’re always here to help if you have any questions or concerns during the process. A refund cannot be canceled once initiated. As an alternative, you can enter the “Subscription” under your Team Room to subscribe to a plan referred. - If you haven't received a refund yet, first check your bank account again. - Please contact your credit card company if needed; usually it may take some time before your refund is officially posted. OR - Contact your bank if needed; there is often some processing time before a refund reflects in your account. OR - If you’ve done all of the above mentioned, and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact our support team. We’d be happy to offer whatever we can to help. Your account will be the in free suspended mode. In this status you can see all your previous data, but you are not allowed to edit or add any new data to your team. Also all your pending invitations and users are removed and you can't accept join requests either. Please visit the Help Center or contact us via if you have any more questions or concerns. ​ *Japanese users can also refer to the Specified Commercial Transaction Act (日本語) for legal details.

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    HOCKEY Find a plan that is right for you. All plans include Education Discount Available. More Qs? We got you covered. v Unlimited Players v Sample Drills Library (coming soon) v 2D Drill Animation v (5x) Drill Creations v Custom Playbook creation v Creating/ Saving your own Drills v Player Management v Full Customer Support Start for Free Get your discount >> Visit Help Center >>

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