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  • Sunbears: New update 2022 Spring

    Our latest Phase 5 update marks one of the most key upgrades of Sunbears. By collaborating with the ice hockey coaches and trainers of Japan university league, as well as the IT professionals globally, we are one big step closer to our dream - the aim of making Sunbears a more customizable and reasonable solution to support, and furthermore, level up your team performance. Top new features that suit your preference and needs of your team: Onsite/ Online Coaching experience enhancement The whiteboard smart draw function allows you to make fast and savable drill notes onsite or online during training and games. The availability of working flawlessly on tablets and wireless stylus pen lets you easily communicate with your team anywhere, effortlessly. With the Trace shadow/puck function, in combination with the Toggle line tracing and 2D/ 3D animation, our overall drill coaching tools not only help the players and coaches easily grasp the tactics and perspectives, but take visualizing drills to the next level. Team and Training Management Integrated with the drill management system, customizable plans and training schedule can be easily adjusted and executed by the granted staff, with devices on hand everywhere. By gathering the data from teams' input of their daily training results and health condition with any device accessible, the Player and Position Statistics functions help you plan, deliver and review the physical and physiological preparation of athletes aligned to specific sports performance outcomes. The COVID-19 tracker, provides daily temperature and symptoms detection, also helps minimize risk of your team, and make the return-to-play safely. What's Next Besides Ice Hockey, our next update will be the deployment in other sports. Sunbears could not have happened without the sports professionals we've collaborated with - and we certainly welcome more of you that have the same passion in bettering future sports education with sport technology like we do. JOIN US *Features and accessibility varies with different subscriptions, please refer to our Pricing page for more details. *Are you a school sports educator? We have a discount just for you, with a simple, fast process. I want to have the discount

  • Update - Feb 28, 2022

    V. 3.0.05289C15 Test Automation - SBCC Admin Test Automation update EAP - Manage Users admin - Manage users button does not appear on first load - default groups and email-password validation4 New Features - Notification to the team while events/ schedule created or modified - PWA: Different icons for activity types on mobile schedule - Schedule event editor Planned Lineup label - Show System categories on "All" tab on Drill list on Admin Improvements - Description updates and optimisations, JP translations - Addon dialogs new logic - Drill & Plan PDF modifications - Insert images (upload instead of just links) in Ckeditor on playbook page - Show longer title on the element list on Plan page - Show all drills (uncategorized too) by default on mobile Drills tab, and enable to select uncategorized and categories at the same time - iPad Mini optimisations Fixes - Remove last blank page from Playbook PDFs

  • Update - Dec 31, 2021

    V. 3.0.59D81BFE Test Automation SBCC Admin Test Automation update New features Deleted players should be filtered out on all player statistics tabs Mobile charts - turning diagrams on/off displays the chart PWA: Absence update Join a team with updated design Bug Report and new feature proposal Planned trainings Expected Players Expected Summary development (groups) Improvements PWA: Calendar should start with sunday on both language PWA: Ulterior update for Players is not allowed PWA: Absence list - pictograms to appear in the email Should be able to select later date than today on new pl.stats Exported PDF file names update Lobby page redesign, fix responsivity Non localized tooltips on Admin pages - Add What's new, Add Release Notes Players - Player type to be used in FW, DF, GK format Keypoint update: with preselected texts to speedup the Keypoint preparation process Mark as finished - disabled after click to avoid multi clicks Player statistics - sRPE/Condition/Covid - Jersey és Group (FW, DF, GL) Graduated rollback Bulk Grade update Player Statistics: Condition-, COVID-19 redesign Position statistics redesign: sRPE Comparison Intelligent filtering on: Condition, covid-19, Planned Trainings, Expected Players, Expected Player Summary Bugfixes PWA: Japanese font family fix PWA: Condition no value to be show

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  • About | Sunbears|サンベアーズ

    About Us We believe that, in this digital era, IT can be used to connect people, just as much as to help enhancing ‘craftsmanship’ (i.e., ‘shokunin’ // 職人) within the sports world, through professional skills, such as coaching and training. Through our training software and digital platforms presence, we hope to achieve greater connectivity from which the sports community can benefit from. Mission Our mission is to establish a "Cloud Campus for Sports" where we can share free or affordable educational resources. Likewise, we want to provide our members with a platform for building connections that can benefit their professional lives and create a network through which we support each other. Vision Through Sunbears, our vision is to connect sports spirit across the world and contribute to forming a more widely accessible environment for the sports community. Meet The Contributors Takahito Suzuki Coach・Ice Hockey Coach Suzuki is the current head coach of Toyo University Ice Hockey Club , coach of Bring Up Athletic Society , former professional ice hockey right winger, and the former head coach of the Japanese National Team. Previously, he played in the ECHL- Charlotte Checkers, Kokudo, Seibu, Nikko Ice Bucks, Japan Ice Hockey League, and Asia League. Coach Suzuki has been constantly collaborating with the Sunbears team, and contributing to the ice hockey drill library, drill draw features development, as well as regular function testing with his professions and experiences. Yutaka Saho Trainer Mr. Saho is the BOC Certified Athletic Trainer, the Executive Director of Sports Safety Japan , and the trainer of Bring Up Athletic Society. He is also the previous Head Athletic Trainer of the Japan National Men's Ice Hockey Team. As one of the long-time chief contributors of Sunbears, Mr. Saho has been working with us for development of the EAP system, as well as team data management. He's also been constantly supporting us with his professional and selfless insights. Tomohiro Usui Trainer Mr. Usui is the current strength and conditioning (S&C) coach of Waseda Club, Edogawa Basketball Club , Waseda University Rugby Football Club , Bring Up Athletic Society, and the assistant S&C coach of the HITO Communications Sunwolves rugby team. With the profession and passion in sports science and technology, Mr. Usui joined Sunbears as the main contributor on development of team training stats/ sRPE development , which makes Sunbears a even more useable and handy for the professional sports teams. Tomomi Iwahara Player・Ice Hockey Ms. Iwahara is the ice hockey player-coach for Seibu Princess Rabbits, and the player of Japanese National Team for the 2015 IIHF Women's World Championship and the 2018 Winter Olympics. Ms. Iwahara currently is also the instructor of Nanakara University devoted to children's continuing education in Japan. Ms. Iwahara has been collaborating with us on drill library and video documenting. Her passion, diligence, and dedication to not only Ice Hockey, but the sports education inspire us a lot along the way. Yoshiyuki Sakai Coach・Basketball With more than 20 years of basketball coaching experience, coach Sakai is the current head coach of Kokugakuin Kugayama High School Basketball Club. With the team, he has participated in the Inter-High School Tournament eight times and the Winter Cup three times as a coach. His highest ranking is 8th place in the Winter Cup 2013. During his lead, many of the graduates have been active in the B-League, and contributing to the development of basketball in Japan. Coach Sakai has been dedicated to the Sunbears basketball drill library creation along with his team. Mike Sciarpelletti Coach・Ice Hockey Based in Langley, BC, Canada, coach Mike was the director of Strike Anywhere Powerskating. Coach Mike has been a powerskating and hockey skills instructor for over 18 years with students presently playing in the AJHL, BCHL, BCIHL, NCAA, WHL, ECHL, and AHL. During his time playing for the Knights of Columbus in Edmonton, Alberta, Mike was taught by many elite level coaches including Edmonton Oilers powerskating coach Steve Serdachny. It was our pleasure to be able to collaborate with coach Mike to create drill video series and visual contents. It indeed inspired us a lot to see another professional that has been dedicated in the sports education world with passion. Curret collaborators Rafael (Rafa) Merino Rodríguez Coach・Futsal Joined the Sunbears Co-creator team in December 2022, Mr. Rafa, the former coach of Pescados Rubén Burela FS, is a futsal coach with a UEFA A Pro certificate from the RFEF. He also had experience in coaching the 1st division in Spain and England. Besides, mr. Rafa has also been doing futsal club coordination, scheduling, and coach support in a youth sports school. Sam Ajoku Player・Football Joined the Sunbears team as the Co-creator and Ambassador in December 2022, Sam is a Sport Management graduate and sports enthusiast. Besides playing football, he’s also a short and middle distance runner. Sam is drawn towards the impact of engaging in sports on human physical and mental health. Just as much, he’s fascinated by the psychology of the mind, understanding “why we do”, “what we do”, and the stories we tell ourselves. Sam’s fascination has opened him to the world of behavioral studies as he’s moving into the user research sector, where he can enjoy learning and challenging him with new experiences. Meet The Team Masatoshi Hiroura Masatoshi Hiroura is the CEO within the Sunbears project. He is proud to have formed a team and be working alongside head coaches, professors in university, international developers and creators, all who are really professionally involved into Sunbears, sharing a common vision - to form a ‘Cloud Campus for Sports’ - a platform that can benefit sports education within the generations to come. Among many exciting and memorable times amongst the team and collaborators, his favourite moment was walking in the Oze National Park, in Japan. Attila Biró As a "Co-Father" of Sunbears, his main roles are of Software and Business Developer, Innovator, and Leader. He is motivated by the drive to constantly create and improve, while being part of a team where transparency and friendship are the main ingredients, and at the same time, our key to success. Attila enjoys electric unicycling, especially for the adrenaline it brings into daily life. Just as much, he loves traveling, reading, ice skating during winters, and contributing to environmental matters. More so, he sees his work as a hobby in itself. Pleases scroll down to see more. Yin-Han Yang (Zoe) Within FBTriangle, Zoe is the Visual Content Producer, and also actively contributing to our Branding initiatives. Accidentally became the leader of the girl's Marketing Team of Sunbears. Zoe loves nothing but thinking stuff, imagining stuff, and also, watching travel and food videos in her warm cosy room. She's also a composer and video producer with dance companies globally. Corina Maereanu Corina joined the Sunbears team as an intern and is now working as a Marketing Executive, with several PR and Branding duties. She enjoys the warm and radiant atmosphere of the team, and finds the Sunbears 'kaizen' (i.e., 'continuous improvement') approach to be a real motivation! She loves discovering the world through as many ways possible, and particularly enjoys cooking, maintaining an active lifestyle, along with researching into health, nutrition, psychology, and philosophy. Yuriko Hiroura Translator, Content Creator in charge of Sunbears App Tutorials, also managing our YouTube channel. Yuriko admires that, despite our team's diverse career and cultural backgrounds, as well as our individualities, everyone is always keen to cooperate and maintain a warm atmosphere. Alongside her current roles, she's got a background in dancing and massage therapy, and loves making delicious and pretty cookies in her spare time. Alice Chen Alice is responsible for Google Ads and Analytics, as well as for introducing Sunbears to new clients and reaching out for potential customers. She sees the Sunbears team as a melting pot - genderless and cross nationalities, all members being equal and willing to share their true feelings and thoughts. She enjoys brainstorming together and spreads so much love within the team. Alice is a person who physically lives in the big city, but is mentally jazzing in the mountains. Passionate in all kinds of interaction with people and loves to share stories. Feyza Birlik Software Tester of Sunbears, also responsible for creating various and original drills, which she greatly enjoys. These can be found within our Drills Library! Feyza is happy to be a part of the team because of the constant, hands-on learning opportunities and chances to gain more experience while also having fun! Kumi Kubota Translator, Customer Service in Japanese, also in charge of Google Ads. Having joined Sunbears in September 2020, Kumi has found the team unique, with a challenging spirit and global collaborative working environment. Her favorite Sunbears’ value is “to contribute to society for the next generations”. Kumi moved to San Francisco after spending 20 years in Asia with a profession in management, editing and writing. “It’s never too late to learn” is her favorite quote. She enjoys the healthy life in California with a recently adopted dog. Yuge Zhao As an intern in the marketing department, Yuge has just joined the Sunbears team to assist the Marketing Executive in completing the tasks of promotion, social media operation, and customer service. She loves challenges, which can stimulate her passion for life. At the same time, she enjoys living in peace and trying to maintain a peaceful heart through exercising and listening to music. As a sports lover, Yuge is ready to contribute to improving sports around the world! Chloe Eck (Hiroura) Chloe is the newest member of the Marketing Team, joining in May 2022. From Kentucky in the United States, she now calls Tokyo home as well. She is excited to grow and learn with such a wonderful and international team, and she looks forward to sharing Sunbears with people around the world. Chloe spends her free time either in her happy place (at home on the sofa) or taking weekend trips into fresh air. She finds happiness in animals, nature, gaming, and sitting outside with a mystery novel and a cool breeze. Rethink connection Whether for the young or the senior sports professionals, Sunbears is meant not only to assist your team performance management, but also to connect you with the sports community. We aim to connect more professionals, while setting our focus on the ‘people’ instead of the ‘business’. ​ Any idea or question? Welcome to contact us if you have any!

  • Support Center | Sunbears|Coaching & Drill Software / コーチング & ドリルソフトウェア

    How can we help? Getting Started Before starting your Sunbears journey Explore more > Account Management Find answers or troubleshooting tips Find tips > Discover More More detailed guidance of Sunbears - FRESHLY updated. Get Browsing > Book Calendly Book Support call online Need further assistance with your Sunbears product? We're here to get you the help you need. ​ Simply pick a time and confirm the Zoom call booking in 5 seconds - for users of ANY plan .

  • Sunbears|Coaching & Sports Drill Software

    Reinventing Coaching Experience Game scheduling, drill library, team data visualization - you can manage them all with Sunbears. Get Started - It's free Collaborators Always get your team prepared. The reliable data and insight collected across the course of the season not only help you easily assess team performance and maximize wins, but help your team better gauge their competition with better strategic adjustments, and get ready for the next games. Built by the team, for the team With continuous collaboration with coaches, trainers, and college teams since 2016, Sunbears is designed to fit and support the real needs of your team - for daily progress or real-time game tracking. What’s more, we offer unlimited player seats at no extra cost, in any plan . Go mobile, and stay connected on the go Live training and conditioning stats, scheduling, attendance, shareable drills and playbooks - not only help you keep track of players availability, but also keep your team stay connected and up-to-date anywhere. Other Features Drill animation library Besides animating your drill draws in 2D/3D, in Sunbears you can also save your own drills as a library that makes you easily plan team practices daily as well as playbooks for publishing - unlimitedly, with our affordable plans. See Our Plans Education Discount We provide special discount for coaches and players of the school teams! Get Coupon code Full Customer support We provide in-person online setup support - including the Free Plan users. Tutorial videos Schedule your call here Got More Questions? Visit Help Center FAQ - 2O22 Our Story Created by Dreamers, Sports and IT Enthusiasts It all started from a father who wanted to support his little boy's athlete dream 16 years ago. As a company of his boy's daily practice, he found how helpful it could be if there was software capable of recording the progress so as to support the kids' sports development along the way. With that in mind, he founded Kojimori on the first attempt, the sensors that record temperature data. The first product was then completed in the Winter of 2006, which has now become an IT product to help toji (brewers) in the sake brewing industry in Japan. However, his dream of supporting the sports was never forgotten; it even got bigger after his encounter with the sports trainer of the Japanese National Ice Hockey team. They together set about creating a cloud service that records the games and training data, with the intention of preventing the overtraining issue and injuries from happening. Finally, he got his dream come to life after meeting the IT team in Hungary, which is formed by engineers who not only have years of IT experience, but true Ice Hockey players and sports lovers. Therefore, the Sunbears team officially hit the road in 2016. Among these years, despite more functions developed for leveling up team performances for sports besides Hockey, the Sunbears team still focuses on developing and delivering practical, handy, and yet more affordable and suitable software for sports teams. As our journey continues, we'll keep carrying our dream non-stop, to support those that have sports dreams. Ready to get started? We offer special discount for coaches and teams of school and educational facilities, all year round. Start Free Trial No credit card required. Get Coupon code > Back to Sunbears website top

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