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スケジュール、練習メニュー、選手の出欠、その日のコンディション、sRPE等 Sunbearsを使えばチームの全てがひと目でわかります



 Game scheduling, drill library, team data visualization -
you can manage them all with Sunbears.


Sports Safety Japan, Tokyo
Sunbears Ice Hockey Collaborator, Bring Up Athletic Soceity, Japan
Sunbears software collaborators, Kugayama High school basketball club
Strike Anywhere Ice Hockey, Canada
Sunbears coaching software, for college sports team training, data analysis, sRPE, COVID health checking, on any devices.
Sunbears coaching software, for college sports team training, data analysis, sRPE, COVID health checking, on any devices.

Always get your team prepared.

The reliable data and insight collected across the course of the season not only help you easily assess team performance and maximize wins, but help your team better gauge their competition with better strategic adjustments, and get ready for the next games.

Built by the team,
for the team

With continuous collaboration with coaches, trainers, and college teams since 2016, Sunbears is designed to fit and support the real needs of your team - for daily progress or real-time game tracking. 
What’s more, we offer unlimited player seats at no extra cost, in any plan

In collaboration with Toyo university IH team, Sunbears coaching software is built by the team, for the team.

Go mobile, and stay connected on the go

Live training and conditioning stats, scheduling, attendance, shareable drills and playbooks - not only help you keep track of players availability, but also keep your team stay connected and up-to-date anywhere.


Other Features

Sunbears coaching & 2D/3D drill animation software, helps you level up your team training experiences and peroformances
Drill animation library

Besides animating your drill draws

in 2D/3D, in Sunbears you can also save your own drills as a library that makes you easily plan team practices daily as well as playbooks for publishing -

unlimitedly, with our affordable plans.

Sunbears coaching software, offers educational discount for school sports teams.
Education Discount

We provide special discount for

coaches and players of the school teams!

Sunbears coaching software, offers 24-7 customer support, free of charge, make your reservation online easily and anytime, anywhere.
Full Customer support 

We provide in-person online setup support - including the Free Plan users.

Got More Questions?

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Story of Sunbears sports application, 夢とスポーツとITと
Story of Sunbears sports application, 夢とスポーツとITと

Our Story

Created by Dreamers, Sports and IT Enthusiasts

It all started from a father who wanted to support his little boy's athlete dream 16 years ago.


As a company of his boy's daily practice, he found how helpful it could be if there was software capable of recording the progress so as to support the kids' sports development along the way.


With that in mind, he founded Kojimori on the first attempt, the sensors that record temperature data. The first product was then completed in the Winter of 2006, which has now become an IT product to help toji (brewers) in the sake brewing industry in Japan.


However, his dream of supporting the sports was never forgotten; it even got bigger after his encounter with the sports trainer of the Japanese National Ice Hockey team.


They together set about creating a cloud service that records the games and training data, with the intention of preventing the overtraining issue and injuries from happening. 


Finally, he got his dream come to life after meeting the IT team in Hungary, which is formed by engineers who not only have years of IT experience, but true Ice Hockey players and sports lovers.


Therefore, the Sunbears team officially hit the road in 2016.


Among these years, despite more functions developed for leveling up team performances for sports besides Hockey, the Sunbears team still focuses on developing and delivering practical, handy, and yet more affordable and suitable software for sports teams.


As our journey continues, we'll keep carrying our dream non-stop, to support those that have sports dreams.  

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Ready to get started?

We offer special discount for coaches and teams of school and educational facilities, all year round.

No credit card required.
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