Sunbears sports software, co-create with coaches, sport professionals, teams worldwide, designed for Ice Hockey, Basketball, Rugby, Football, and Rugby.

The future
we create together

We believe that the best ideas come from

the passionate, the professionals, and the team. 

Sunbears sports software, co-create with coaches, sport professionals, teams worldwide, designed for Ice Hockey, Basketball, Rugby, Football, and Rugby.

For the past 7 years, through our collaboration with the coaches, trainers, IT experts and developers worldwide, we found that through joint co-creation we can not only exchange knowledge, but also foster empathy through dialogue. The secret of Sunbears: we listen and support each other as a big, highly motivated family centered around the sport. For the purpose of enhancing Sunbears to solve more real problems, offer better quality and experience for team coaching and management, we’re delighted to invite you – who may also have the same passion for sport performance technology, or belief in the widespread benefits of sport education that Sunbears can bring – to join our development process. 


Together, we create technology to help more teams perform to full potential.


Together, we make it happen.

How we co-create

Annually, Sunbears releases at least 1-2 major update packages based on synthesized ideas and requirements from well-known sport professionals of their respective sports. Sport legends, professional coaches, sport safety experts are providing the core of each software development line - their ideas and expertise in sports training and coaching are embedded into our development scope. During this approximate 4-6 month co-creation process, together with the IT development team, we jointly develop Sunbears in stages -  from concept through task clarification, implementation, testing, adjustments to final delivery. 

We work using Agile methodologies - SCRUM during development and Kanban during support periods. The weekly/bi-weekly online meetings act as the main controlling tool we use to keep you posted on our progress. Your feedback from time to time is our greatest asset. These are our motivational triggers!

We are online, working with a highly flexible, professional global team, capable of offering in-person meetings for testing and setup for sport professionals or teams that are in Japan, UK, and US, where our team is located at present. Within the certain development time frame, the schedule of meetings can still be discussed and adjusted along the way. 

w/ Toyo Ice Hockey Club
w/ Coach Sakai, Kokugakuin Kugayama High School Basketball Club
w/ Mr. Usui, S&C trainer
w/ Coach Sakai, Kokugakuin Kugayama High School Basketball Club
w/ Coach Mike, Strike Anywhere Hockey
w/ Coach Suzuki, Ms. Iwahara, Ice Hockey player & instructor

What we’ve created together

Sunbears, the most recent project of FBTriangle, is a coaching software for team management and strategy building by creating practice drills, animations, playbooks, training plans, data reports, and scorebooks. We want to say thank you to our collaborators that brought new ideas for practical solutions and innovations to life.

Playback App with Icetime Stats (Ice Hockey)

Playback App with Icetime Stats (Ice Hockey)

EAP/ Emergency Action Plan Draw

EAP/ Emergency Action Plan Draw

Drill Management (Ice Hockey)

Drill Management (Ice Hockey)

Drill Management (Basketball)

Drill Management (Basketball)

Statistics (Ice Hockey)

Statistics (Ice Hockey)


How we give back

We currently operate with limited financial resources; nevertheless, we want to provide materials and resources to support each of our collaborators as far as possible. As one of our collaborators/contributors, we are pleased to offer you:  

  • Free software access: A full-year Premium plan access + *full (team) training/support during the co-creation period will be provided. For long-term collaborators, the free premium access will be extended automatically.

  • Spread the word: We feature our collaborators/collaborative organizations and teams on our social media channels, as well as blogs in English and Japanese. We also feature and promote special events, such as game tours, campaigns, or collaborative workshops. 

  • Opportunity for cultural exchange: In the process of expanding our collaborations, we also set about networking in the next stage - an *online sport community that connects and brings together collaborative athletes, sports professionals, and teams/organizations globally. It’s a platform which we hope will not only contribute to more online exposure, but also offer more opportunities to progress up the sporting ladder. It’s also an online community where sports people can exchange vital information, career opportunities, insights and resources across the globe.

What's more…

In late 2022/early 2023, a new crowdfunding campaign will also be launched as we look forward to

funding collaborators contributed to Sunbears.

* The training/ support sessions can be scheduled either in-person (Japan, UK, and the US) or online.

** The physical Sunbears community webpage is aimed to be completed in mid 2023. However, online workshops and more content collaborations have been happening since last year.  

Check out our content collaborations 

Sunbears sports software, co-create with coaches, sport professionals, teams worldwide, designed for Ice Hockey, Basketball, Rugby, Football, and Rugby.

Next phase - what we currently need

(as of Sep, 2022)

Our latest Phase 5 update marks a massive jump in the Sunbears software evolution.  Sunbears advanced as an even more suitable platform for college ice hockey team training and management, thanks to the enhancement of the original drill draw functions, team communication and management, as well as the new training load monitoring and COVID tracker.

In our next phase scheduled to initiate late-2022, we aim to deploy the phase 5 development and function improvement for other sports, football, basketball, and futsal. Therefore, we’re looking for professionals in the following areas:

* Coaches that contribute to our drill library will earn a 10% commission on each sale of the drill package download. A formal agreement will be included. To avoid copyright issues, only original drills are accepted.

** In Phase 6, the sports of Sunbears Playback Android App development include basketball, futsal, football, rugby, and American football.

Besides the functions mentioned above, we’re also open to other ideas for new function development designed for practical needs.  


Other ways to share your ideas

We welcome any concept (no idea is too big!) that could make a difference to the future of Sunbears and overall sport coaching experience! We invite you to go to our Feature Request board, where you can submit your ideas to be voted on, or vote on other ideas that are already under research. You can also track and see our development workflow, as well as how your feedback, which means a lot to us, is being processed and implemented.

*Besides a free trial, we also offer a special discount for sport educators for any plan you wish to try! Please refer to our Ed discount page for more details and easy application.