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Sunbears Sports Team Tool Beta Testing Porgram

Call for
Game changers

Sunbears Beta Program

Join us to makes a difference, and shape the future of sports.

Co-created with an IT whiz team, sport coaches, trainers, and teams around the world, Sunbears is a Sports Team Tool designed for coaching and team management optimized for high school and college sports teams.


Due to our constant updates and upgrades each year, we’re calling on the adventurous to join our testing journey of the final stage of official releases. As we strive to make our software more intuitive and easy to use, your involvement and feedback not only make Sunbears better, but drive creative and influential changes toward the sport technology world.

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Consider applying if you’re:

  • Over 18 years old

  • Residing in the US, UK, Canada, South Korea, or Japan

  • Owning PC AND mobile devices (+ Tablet is preferred, but not required) with a stable internet connection

  • Part of a sport team environment (Preferred, but not required)

  • Experience with football/basketball/rugby/ futsal/ice hockey (Preferred in the 2023/2024 session, but not required)


By signing up for our program, you’ll be able to join our testing community and get early access to our unreleased products and/or features - confidentially.


Once selected*, we’d like you to complete short testing assignments that include specific tasks and procedures, where some bugs and issues may appear.


For the testing sessions in 2023/2024, an Amazon USD$25 gift card will be rewarded after the feedback is submitted.

*To ensure the testing stability, we will shuffle the testers each time.

Upcoming Testing

Our Phase 7 Upgrade Release is coming soon! The testing is scheduled to take place around February 2024. 

More questions? We have answers.

Want to know more about our Co-creation Project?

Sunbears Beta Program, Beta testing for sports team software
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