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Update - July 1, 2020

V. 3.0.F538368

New landing page available

Role management improvement

  • Now the owner of a team can transfer the ownership to another user with Admin role

Drills improvement

  • More courts for all the sports: more court options for your drills

  • More informative drill listing: Drill listing now counts with short description and thumbnail

  • Favorite mark for drills: You can now mark your drills as favorite

  • Ability to add photos on the description and key points space

  • Directional icons: Player icons now have directional marker to make clear what direction the represented player faces

  • Lock animation sequences: Users can lock each entity animation to prevent accidental modification

  • Animation with predefined spaces: Auto adjustment of negative times

  • Edited animation sequences now remain untoutched upon animation re-initialization

Mobile PWA: New Progressive Web App brings Sunbears functionalities to mobile

  • Drills, Plans, Schedules, Execute and Chats are available on Sunbears PWA


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