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Sunbears: New update 2022 Spring

Our latest Phase 5 update marks one of the most key upgrades of Sunbears.

By collaborating with the ice hockey coaches and trainers of Japan university league, as well as the IT professionals globally, we are one big step closer to our dream - the aim of making Sunbears a more customizable and reasonable solution to support, and furthermore, level up your team performance.


Top new features that suit your preference and needs of your team:

Onsite/ Online Coaching experience enhancement

  • The whiteboard smart draw function allows you to make fast and savable drill notes onsite or online during training and games. The availability of working flawlessly on tablets and wireless stylus pen lets you easily communicate with your team anywhere, effortlessly.

  • With the Trace shadow/puck function, in combination with the Toggle line tracing and 2D/ 3D animation, our overall drill coaching tools not only help the players and coaches easily grasp the tactics and perspectives, but take visualizing drills to the next level.

Team and Training Management

  • Integrated with the drill management system, customizable plans and training schedule can be easily adjusted and executed by the granted staff, with devices on hand everywhere.

  • By gathering the data from teams' input of their daily training results and health condition with any device accessible, the Player and Position Statistics functions help you plan, deliver and review the physical and physiological preparation of athletes aligned to specific sports performance outcomes. The COVID-19 tracker, provides daily temperature and symptoms detection, also helps minimize risk of your team, and make the return-to-play safely.


What's Next

Besides Ice Hockey, our next update will be the deployment in other sports. Sunbears could not have happened without the sports professionals we've collaborated with - and we certainly welcome more of you that have the same passion in bettering future sports education with sport technology like we do.


*Features and accessibility varies with different subscriptions, please refer to our Pricing page for more details.

*Are you a school sports educator? We have a discount just for you, with a simple, fast process.

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