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Update - Feb 28, 2022

V. 3.0.05289C15

Test Automation

- SBCC Admin Test Automation update


- Manage Users admin

- Manage users button does not appear on first load

- default groups and email-password validation4

New Features

- Notification to the team while events/ schedule created or modified

- PWA: Different icons for activity types on mobile schedule

- Schedule event editor Planned Lineup label

- Show System categories on "All" tab on Drill list on Admin


- Description updates and optimisations, JP translations

- Addon dialogs new logic

- Drill & Plan PDF modifications

- Insert images (upload instead of just links) in Ckeditor on playbook page

- Show longer title on the element list on Plan page

- Show all drills (uncategorized too) by default on mobile Drills tab, and enable to select uncategorized and categories at the same time

- iPad Mini optimisations


- Remove last blank page from Playbook PDFs


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