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Update - Oct 30, 2019

V. 2.0.B50B7622

Secure Stadium

  • Secure stadium on EAP

  • Secure stadium validation

3D Drill Animation

  • 3D Drill Animation on multi sports

Microtransactions (Addons)

  • Microtransaction /Addon menu on admin

  • Stripe preparation to handle addons

  • Drill template Microtransaction

  • EAP template Microtransaction

GDPR regulations

  • GDPR regulation-based modifications

  • EXTRA: 2 buttons and validation

    • Statistics

    • Players

    • Payment

    • Other

Drills and EAP on tablet

  • Resolution optimisation to be ready for Android Full HD tablets

    • Drills on FullHD tablet with Pen (see. specs)

    • EAP on FullHD tablet with pen (see. specs)

    • Payment

    • Other

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Update - Nov 30, 2019

V. 2.0.B64E63F7 Multisports Drill-As-A-Service Updated Landing with interactive component YouTube SBCC landing integration FAQ SmartPictures (animated gif) support on landing for specific sections Vid


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