Update - Nov 30, 2019

V. 2.0.B64E63F7


  • Drill-As-A-Service Updated Landing with interactive component

  • YouTube SBCC landing integration

  • FAQ

  • SmartPictures (animated gif) support on landing for specific sections

  • Video based components

  • Personal mode and Team usage (extended to free, flexible, full package mode and Stripe latest API)

  • Role management update

  • Menu and function update

  • Drill handling on join team and leaving team with drills created before joining a team

  • Multiple sports handling

  • Lobby update

  • Multi sports on Admin

  • Subscription management update

  • Drill Management

  • Rugby rink and icons

  • Soccer rink and icons

  • Basketball rink and icons

  • Futsal rink and icons

  • Payment and packages update on Stripe

  • Sport Selector + Drill Tools (icons) and Rink for Rugby

  • New feature to create blank drill with players - leaving on drill from last drill opened

  • Sport Selector + Drill Tools (icons) and Rink for Soccer

  • Sport Selector + Drill Tools (icons) and Rink for Basketball

  • Sport Selector + Drill Tools (icons) and Rink for Futsal

  • Admin Updates

  • Categorized FAQ: FAQ with Admin and FAQ change on Subscription, Cancel Subscription, Drill Animation

  • Dashboard component with Admin and Stripe integration

  • New menu (Sport, Dashboard, FAQ Admin)

  • Tawk.to ChatBot integration

  • Team training stats: 2 main category to be defined – strategy and just drill

  • 2 more chart data on team training stats: Intensity chart and strength chart will be added on team training stats

  • Release Notes for Superadmin and Users

  • Version Number and floating logo on Admin and about

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